1789 Edit

So the Estates General was formed, contesting of Clergy, Nobility, and the Common People. Instead of the Clergy and the Nobility voting 1 vote per estate, they voted 1 vote per person, As did the common people did. So the national assembly was stronger. So the thing wasn't closed blah blah... Let's skip to the firing to King Louis XVl's Messanger, Jacques Necker. People were angry and it went into the Storming of the Bastille. [July 14th] Also, Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De Lafyette changed the flag of France, but they changed it again 4 years later, and changed it back 2 months later. They eventually ABOLISHED Feudluism, but recovered it in 1791. The same guy who changed the flag wrote "The Delcaration of the rights of the Man and Citizen" helped by Thomas Jefferson himself. The Declaration didn't apply to women so in October 1789 Women in Paris marched on Versailles and killed all the guards, So the King, King Louis XVl, moved to Paris.

1790 Edit

The goverment was deciding on the conitustion. We'll get back to that later. Policatil Clubs spread throughout France, and all of them came to power at once. [TO BE CONTINUED!]